Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

The most important attraction in the upper keys for families is spending an afternoon touring cannon beach and the surrounding park. It is very historic with old ship cannons on the beach and five feet Underwater too. Children will love this spot for Snorkeling, Kayaking, bbq, and they have reef boat trips. When you swim off the shore, look underwater for a bunch of sunken ship relics like more cannons. The Visitor Center has a giant saltwater Aquarium and nature exhibits that is great-to-do for all ages. The kids where thrilled with the nature theater and the pathway walks. Do know about the kayak trails which winds through the coolest ever mangrove swamp. Canoe and Kayak Rentals are available for a decent price with all the equipment you need. It is a huge park for exploring with wet shoes and your video camera. Plan on seeing lots of very colorful little fish, not huge like on the reef boat trips. Do not miss the Shoreline parks with lots of colorful little fish.
Wes V.

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Shipwreck Cannons

How rare it is to be at beach Shoreline that has actual ship wreck cannons on the shore. There is all kinds a really neat things around this park if you look and take your time exploring. The next time we visit I'm going to have my camera ready and go for about an hour or two just walking and taking photography of the area. They have some nice boardwalks over the water that are intermixed in with the kayak trails. If you get hungry they have a nice cafe inside the gift shop area with all kinds of deli type quick foods. The State Park offers all sorts of different boat trips if you want to do some Reef Snorkeling or go Underwater and do the scuba diving at the Shipwrecks. A big Glass Bottom Boat goes out two or three times a day for a family that doesn't really want to get wet but see the reefs and listen to the great commentary of the boat captain.

Mohammad D.

Pennekamp Park

102601 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037
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