Find a More Fun Key West Resort

Find a More Fun Key West Resort

This has become our family's preferred place to stay in the Lower Florida Keys. It has the largest and best beachside location of all of the local hotels, and has so much room for our children to play on the protected (backside) of the resort. Bicycles are how we now always get around. After our second trip to the island, it just hit us in the is much better to leave the car parked. The biking here is so playful. Try the pier behind the resort is perfect for swimming.
Derek Q.

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They Have Big Events Here

We were there during the Pet Contest, which was a wild scene. The city is free to join in and Hit the Beach, bar, and restaurant. Very fun spot.

Jim O.

Hotels with Excellent Waterfront Views

This is a luxurious resort, filled with many wonderful amenities, and exciting activities to fill your day. You can play volleyball, walk along the beach, swim in the pool, or even enjoy a spa treatment right on the beach. This is a very nice place to stay and play.

Leroy E.

Nice to have a Private Beach

Great beach area behind the pool zone. Swim with the little colorful fish and the dolphins. Awesome breakfast and the views.

Owen O.

We love to Party around the Islands

Because of the publicity, they are offering half price on all the food and drinks at the beachside bar. Also, we might get really good prices next month in Key Largo during the wine festival!

Garry Q.

Florida Keys Resorts with the Vibe

We have to give the Casa Marina Resort a big thumbs up for hosting the Florida Keys Children Shelter Mayor's Ball. This is a nice way for us to help abused or neglected kids of Monroe County. It starts with a fun Champagne Reception, then a fancy dinner, more cocktails, and dancing.

Rocio Q.

Very special places to stay in the city

Do your fantasies involve tropical breezes...Ours do. We love this place and the white-sandy beaches, lavish beauty, family fun...and time enough to enjoy it all? The pool area is very nice. Try the Spa al Mare on the beach.

Terrie O.

Casa Marina

1500 Reynolds Street
Key West FL 33040

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