Driving Seven Mile Bridge

Driving Seven Mile Bridge

Driving across the Seven Mile Bridge is not to be passed up. The parking lot is on the right just before crossing over the bridge to Big Pine Key. Seven Mile Bridge Parking is free, so do stop, even for twenty minutes, as it is an experience all in itself. You can bicycle ride or walk it, just no motors. This is the kind of thing we like. Everyone in your group should have cameras ready to capture first-rate-fantastic water views. Lots of boats go by under the bridge, and many fish right under where you walk. It is nice to see Pigeon Key wrapped in the exquisite contrasts of the blue and green colors. In case you did not know, Pigeon Key served as a base camp for the overseas railroad workers. There is museum on the island with a wonderful collection of scenic and historic Photographs of the flagler railroad. A lot of people died making this bridge happen. Remember the sacrifices made to build it as you capture the current beauty. This is my favorite park in all of Florida!
Jason G.

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Not only is the area very scenic, but also you get just the best ocean breeze all day long. Parking can sometimes be a little difficult. I think it's one of the best places to go jogging and you don't sweat as much because of the steady breeze. If your hotel is anywhere above the Marathon Airport, then this is an easy Bicycle Riding distance away. I like the underside area where people fish off the stairwell. Plan on seeing a lot of boats going by on the waterway. The boats zoomed by all day long because of Boot Key Harbor is just on The Other Side of the bridge. It is nice to go to places that are scenic and there is no rush in the world because you are on keys time. Mostly we do sightseeing all day up until happy hours and that's when the party takes off.

Suzanne F.

Old Seven Mile Bridge

47000 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050
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