Educational Sightseeing Opportunities

Educational Sightseeing Opportunities

For anyone over forty years old, hemingway is for you. Remember to beat the rush to all of the key attractions. The older generations just seem to have more of an appreciation for historic Key West. This whitehead street museum is open for tours today. Go early is the answer to, when is the best time to visit Hemingway Museum? Go when it is cool and breezy, since much of the time you are not in air conditioning. The museum is awesome to see and appreciate, so take your time. I love the home tour, but if you are not into history, the money would be better spent on a reef snorkel trip.
Tammi R.

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Visit Six Toed Cat House

Your children will love the opportunity to feed them. All of the cats here are sweet, quiet, and friendly. Brings some dry cat food if you have some or they have coin machine, but no one has coins any more! These six toed cats are just extraordinary and there must be ten or more on the grounds of the Hemingway Museum. This attraction is not for those with one-or-more small children, but A Key Encounter is The Place for You and has free admission for everyone. Unique aspects like the Hemingway Home makes Key West shine.

Jo K.


907 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040
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