Fabulous Tropical Beach

Fabulous Tropical Beach

This is a beautiful beach located in the southernmost part of Key West, where the atlantic ocean meets the gulf of Mexico. You can reach this tropical oasis by driving, biking, or walking through the Truman Annex on southard street. There is a small entrance fee to visit the park, but it is worth it. You will truly enjoy this beach. The Snorkeling here is fantastic. What a fabulous tropical beach for a day on the Shoreline.
Kristina Q.

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Lovely Beach Area

I was pretty amazed that there is such a lovely beach area down here. People seem to think that the beaches of the Florida Keys are just slightly above average, where I think they are top notch because of the water clarity. They have a really good tidal flow flowing through this particular part of the island and the ships are close by to push a bunch of waves into the beach shore periodically. Whenever there's an incoming wind and the boats are going by, things get a little more crazy than the beautiful Shoreline that you see on the photograph today. It is nice that there is changing conditions, which makes each beach trip unique and exciting. This is by far the best barbecue park area and all of the Florida Keys. If you don't bring your own food there is the Cayo Hueso Cafe just off the shore in the middle of the park that serves very Good Food.

Christy I.

Fort Taylor Park

100 Southard Street
Key West FL 33040
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