What is up in October

Did you get to see the lead up for the Fantasy Festival Video. It will get the community ready to party! One of the very best times to visit the City of Key West is the week leading up to Fantasy Fest. Yes, this is all for the Halloween Season and the weather is just wonderful this time of year. Each and every day they have some special events to see, a week-long celebration.
Lindsey B.

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Spooky times during Halloween Week

The costumes are amazing and just get more outrageous each year. We have gone down four years in a row and cannot get enough. The La Concha is the perfect place to stay for a front-row seat. Neat hotel, with an roof-top bar that rocks.

Elvia E.

Always a Big Party in Key West

Also, do not miss the Goombay Weekend Party and Festival which marks the beginning of Fantasy Fest. The Goombay is the weekend before the Halloween Bash. It is great, but not as wild as the city's masking and costuming gala.

Betty F.

Parade has hit the Bigtime

The outfits are so cool these days, it is right out of a blockbuster movie set. Each year they have a whole new set of theatrics to enjoy.

Deann C.

Things to see during Fantasy Fest

Do hit the head-dress ball for the most outrageous of events during the celebration. This will be the second head-dress ball for us, cannot wait.

Esperanza L.

Fantasy Fest

1111 12th Street
Key West FL 33040

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