Good picks for Fishing Trips

Good picks for Fishing Trips

What a great time is a grand voyage out to do some deep sea fishing. It is a whole lot of fun and there will be surprises. On the way out it was nice to see a spotted eagle ray below, then it churned up the sand and flapped away until it disappeared. You focus on having fun, as they have the tackle, rods, live bait, and all the fishing finding gps tools. It does not take long to get the proper casting technique down with the rods, and in five minutes we landed the first yellowtail. They have reef fishing trips, backcountry, and shark target charters. The funniest part is landing the fish in the boat and seeing what you got. Plan on a super day with lots of heart-pounding excitement and of scenic sightseeing. This was exceptionally fun and we highly recommend a trip.
Dylan T.

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Maximize your Fish Keepers

The Fishing Trip was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Just so entertaining was the entire fishing event. It was exciting just starting out and leaving the docks in a beautiful boat just to the north of the Seven Mile Bridge. The voyage out into the ocean is so neat, plus everybody has a conversation about today and what the goals are to get the most fish onboard the boat. You want to have a very good cooler so to get your fish ice cold and then back to the freezer in your hotel or condominium. The fish you catch is going to be worth a lot of money so the colder you can keep it the better it will be for you. We tend to keep the frozen fish for about two months and make sure to eat all by them. Just get it frozen right away and keep it frozen all the way till you make it home.

Lorie D.

Sea Dog Charters

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