Ideas for Middle Keys Kayaking

Ideas for Middle Keys Kayaking

The little tiny beach park off coco plum drive is a super place to start your kayak trip. You launch from a flat Shoreline, so getting in and out of the kayak is a breeze. We took the oceanside trip to start heading southwest back down towards Key Colony Beach. Paddle through the shallow flats in the beginning, but many Underwater spots are nice white sand. Plan on seeing lots of fishing swimming in the sea grass and the sharks are easier to spot over the sandy bottom parts. Looking underneath the surface is equal to the nice homes and condos along the shoreline. The key to spotting fish are the ripples in the water, and you might even spot a cuba, permit, or sea turtle and for sure lots of lemon sharks. What a super adventure is Kayaking around the northern part of Marathon. On the return trip, take the back way under the bridges to make this a full circle trip. We Highly Recommend It and the free kayak launching at coco plum drive Beach Park.
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Nature Park Visit

People had told us that this is the nude beach area, although we did not happen to see anybody dressed that way. We did notice a few of the ladies cover up after getting a good view, as we walked nearby. I guess it's okay to go topless here if you are a sexy lady and can get away with it in your bikini bottom. Some of the people like to wade out into the water and fish. Seems like the flats over here with all the nature would be really productive for those that like to fish in three feet of water, a great experience it looked like. They locked the gates in the evenings so do not get stuck behind them or else your car will be spending the night there. We notice that most of the Florida Keys parks now have giant gates that they lock up in the evening, making it clear they do not want you inside. It is really nice in the nature parks.

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Coco Plum Beach

Coco Plum Drive
Marathon FL 33050
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