Islamorada Island Center Hotel

Islamorada Island Center Hotel

Stay and relax in the upper keys, close to all of the Islamorada fishing and scuba action. The Islander sits oceanside, with a big pool and large Private Beach area. This hotel's island center location is one of the reasons I love to stay and enjoy it here. We use bicycles both day and at night to get around exploring. When vacationing at your resort, using bicycles is the way to go just have lights working front and back for night use. I tell everyone to focus on the Islamorada Hotels with good pricing. This zone is just right for a getaway.
Heather L.

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Midweek Booking is the Cheapest

They have a good thing going here and part of it is the size of the property is enormous. It is very cool to stay in the island center and near the art and restaurant area. You don't even have to leave the hotel to have a nice Tiki Bar experience with the beach and water sports pleasures. The key to booking is try to figure out when you can save the most money and that's likely going to be during the midweek. A three day midweek booking is the cheapest.

Mitzi Z.


82100 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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