Key West Bicycle Parking Tips

Key West Bicycle Parking Tips

Biking is a very convenient way to get around in Key West. The city has a huge list of rules too long to list. The short list of Key West Bicycle Parking tips is: double lock your bike to only official bicycle racks. Do not lock them to trees, stop signs, or the railing in front of the Duval Street Bakery! One of the rewards to Bicycle Riding is the cheaper entrance fee to many things like Taylor Beach Park. There is plenty of bike parking available at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, and most bike racks are located under shady trees too. Be sure to bike to the beach on your next trip to Key West. Remember to double-lock to obvious bike racks only. I sure hope this helps everyone to have a better Bicycle Riding experience and you will go home with your bike!
Latanya W.

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Bicycle Parking

What a great park, and be sure to use your bicycles to pull into the parking lot as it is cheaper to get in. They have different prices for the vehicles and the bicycle riders. Bicycle riders get a big discount when they come to Fort Taylor Park. The key to bicycle survival in the city is always lock your bicycle to a regular normal bicycle locking area. I have had some rough times with dealing with the ticket police. It's a lot easier just to follow the rules and everybody will be happy. They even let you have a beer on the bicycle as always you don't act stupid.

Lanny Y.

Fort Taylor

100 Southard Street
Key West FL 33040
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