Dingy Parking Docks

Dingy Parking Docks

Locals know how to travel by water and live the coolest island life. Many people that live in Key West use little dingy boats to navigate the city. Certain places have parking lots, just like they do for the automobiles. This is The Place to Go for some bar friendly boat parking in Key West!
Fabian B.

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Boat Docks at the Seaport Marina

The boating is really good in the Florida Keys. Both Islamorada and Key West are the most boater friendly. It is really entertaining cruising around on a dingy boat.

Karl Y.

Margaret Street Boat Docks

They have everything for boaters, even plenty of boat parking. At the seaport are some very nice restaurants to dock up to. The best bars in Key West have boat docks and Great Views.

Isaias L.

Boating Marina

This makes it nice for all-purpose boating marina with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean deep sea and the Gulf of Mexico backcountry. A great starting point for sunset or a day trip to the reefs or the Dry Tortugas. Having tried most of the major areas for watersports in the Florida Keys, the City Marina is a fantastic spot to begin your journey. It is very fun to circle the entire island by boat. Head just a few minutes north by boat, for a quick cut through on cow key channel.

Ismael V.

Dingy Parking Docks

231 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040

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