Mallory Square Cuban Bar

Mallory Square Cuban Bar

Accentuating the well seasoned combination of tropical dishes, pepe's also has great soups, salads, and a remarkable wine list to compliment. The menu has a wonderful assortment of cuban style dinner plates. This is the best place for the fashionable and yet traditional Key West mojito. Eat a full meal or nibble like a tapas-style eatery. It is a great place which serves lunch and dinner all year, seven days a week. El Meson De Pepe is a unique restaurant located in the heart of Mallory Square.
Malcom E.

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Cuban Nachos

You will really like the food even if some of the things you don't pronounce very well. I do not speak spanish, but I understand great tasting food when I put it in my mouth. They make cuban coffee with the desserts that is outstanding if you want to stop for a quick bite. The cuban nachos are outstanding and it has to do with the spicy pork that is used as part of the ingredients on top of the chips. It's an easy restaurant to fall in love with because of the music that they play in the evenings. The salsa band is just the perfect thing for a tropical setting like here on Mallory Square. They really know how to marinate their meats so everything is really tender. Make sure you look inside at the walls as this is really a history museum. During the day there is often a person making cuban cigars in front of you, handmade. If you get one of their salads you can add garlic shrimp on top for a massive meal.

Tina G.

El Meson De Pepe

410 Wall Street
Key West FL 33040
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