Marine Swim and Snorkel Park

Marine Swim and Snorkel Park

This park is free and open daily in the City of Key West. Quick access to the water for relaxing and cooling off sure comes in handy in the afternoon. One thing we have learned over our ten years of Key West travel, always wear casual swimwear allowing you to jump in the water at anytime you are touring the island.
Luisa W.

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Places for some Shoreline Snorkeling

It is really nice when the winds are very calm and sun is way up high, nice and bright. Try here and over at the taylor snorkel park, just before the shipping channel. Sweet spot there too.

Robin H.

Secret Places to See Key West

Very fun it is to come here and swim for free, plus experience so much. Not everyone has time to get out and spend four hours at the reefs. This is a good alternate spot and family friendly (no topless)!

Stan L.

Marine Related Sporting Locations

Local marine-related sporting event and watersports are the core of Key West, now the music scene takes over. With an improved facility that can capture larger types of events, plus you can snorkel for free. This is the place to attract more marine sporting activities.

Darlene B.

Marine Park

1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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