Lower Keys Reef Zones

We just love the whole experience as the living coral reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are in shallow water. This makes it easy to explore, even for beginners. The colors are vibrant when you go on a nice sunny day.

The Marine Sanctuary is a gift to Florida. We love it as an outdoor destination for scenic Underwater Snorkeling and diving activities. I like the fact that some of the depths are under ten feet, so nice for beginners and those with children.

There is a lot of Deep Water on the outside of the keys. Be on the safe side when you go boating around these islands, and remember you are really way out in the ocean if you look at a State of Florida Map. Yes, it is excellent to see and do. You do not want to spend the night floating out there if your engine dies a half hour before sunset! The big current goes around the keys about 20 miles offshore.
Augusta V.

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Maybe you can catch a Lobster

Looking forward to this year's two days for Mini Lobster Season. It is the Best Florida Keys Event. Yeah for the Two Day Mini Lobster Season and the La Granja Restaurant for food!

Pasquale R.

Fish and Reefs are our Friends

You have to help us protect the fish. Any time you hook one, do it with care and put the ones that are not keepers back as delicately as possible. Never gaff a fish until you are sure it is a legal size and species. Thanks so much for playing by the rules. Everyone wants to keep divers, fishing charters, and the snorkelers happy! We love the fish to see and eat.

Pearl V.

Marine Sanctuary

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