Florida Keys Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce is king here and you can learn all about the History of the Best Key West Hot Sauce Shop. They continue to expand their Hot Sauce product line and distribution to meet requests for new products. The sell spicy hot sauce with every part of the world.

A shop that never has forgotten its humble beginnings and is still one hundred percent committed to customers is the motto. Mild or Adventurous as you Dare is cool. Eat like a local, stop for a bite to eat. This is a fun place to eat.

The Best Florida Keys Hot Sauce is one you remember and want to buy more. Get some sauce for your tacos and all the sudden you are like a chef. There is no need to eat boring food, even eggs in the morning scrambled or fried can be made a lot better. Go is something tangy or spicy, but the sweet selections are also excellent.
Alfonso W.

reader feedback

Hot Sauce beats the Grocery Store

It is simply amazing having the ability to taste and sample so many sauces from the world. Forget ever getting Hot Sauce at Publix or Faustos. This is my new spot!

Gussie S.

Head to the Hot Zone

There is a sauce for all chill heads! Nice concept here for a spicy Key West restaurant. Maybe it is more like a shop or cafe.

Quentin L.

Spicy Stuff for the Kitchen

So cool and much better than a chocolate or traditional gourmet gift baskets. A gift of spicy and sexy will make their mouth melt!

Lavern V.

Mega Hot Sauce World

You really cannot beat the selection here. We love the large selection list, plus it is a taste testing venue. We found it all: Jalapeno Red - Mustard Sauce - Grilling Sauces - Steak Mix - Chili Mix - Red Pepper Chili - Creamy Key Lime Dressing - Island Lime Dressing - Seasonings and Rubs - Salsas - Wing Sauces - Jalapeno Lime Dressing Seafood Sauce - Nacho Cheese Sauces - Cayenne - Habanero - Barbecue Spreads - Hot Cocktail Sauce - Cilantro-Lime Marinade - Chipotle and Honey Lime Dressing.

Annmarie P.

The Hot and Spicy Store

Salsa and Hot Sauce make a great gift, especially when it is made in the Florida Keys! The shop is excellent and you get to try it out so many hot sauce flavors. Nothing beats a Mile Marker Zero hot sauce cafe, and all get to experiment with lots of varieties so quickly.

Kareem P.

Melinda's Mango Habanero Pepper Sauce

I buy Melinda's Mango Habanero Pepper Sauce here at the store on Greene Street. That is the very important ingredient needed to whip out some Habanero Wings. You can buy them at tons of restaurants and bars in Key West or up to Key Largo. In the recipe, you take fresh chicken wings and soak them in the spicy mango habanero pepper and barbecue sauce. Oh yes, it gives them the kick and then served with cut veggies, which ever kind you like best, and fat-free ranch dressing. A very special treat and they sell them at Banana Breeze Restaurants all over Florida too.

Chet W.

Peppers of Key West

602 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040

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