Salute Beach Bar

Salute Beach Bar

One thing we have learned in the Florida Keys, when selecting a restaurant do consider the views. Since we have traveled all the way down to the islands, we want to see all of it. Places like the Beachside Salute make us proud. They really do a good job and making a dinner experience special. Your children can play out by the beach where you can watch, while you enjoy cocktails, grilled shrimp, or any of a series of mouthwatering dishes. Some days the volleyball action heats up right close by, the scene is excellent here.
Adrian M.

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Oceanside Eating and Live Music

Key West has a swim and beach bar-restaurant combination location that is a dream come true. Right next to the Famous Higgs Beach is the Salute Restaurant & Bar, making it perfect for families to enjoy the best of all things at one time.

Blaine Q.

Seafood Cafe on the Beach

Good Food, a big emphasis on Italian style dishes and plenty to fill you up. Love the nice breeze and views. Try the spicy cappellini!

Sue K.

Beachfront Conch Fritter Restaurant

The restaurant is patio style, casual, and next to the Volleyball Courts at the beach. The food is outstanding. We always would recommend the fresh catch and an order of the key lime conch fritters. The special sauces are yummy with conch fritters and try the conch chowder too.

Tyron Z.

Live Music by the Ocean

The Reef Relief Party is held here and a great time for all, plus the proceeds goes to improving the coral reef ecosystem of the Florida Keys. Salute on the Beach is the perfect place to have a live music event on the water, and Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band are one of the better Tropical Music Group...I love Trop Music!

Modesto K.

Salute Beach Bar

Expand your beer horizons with seafood and beach views. They offer a good mix of micro brews and craft beers from around Florida. The food is good and we spent about two hours in here enjoying the styles of beer and seafood pairings.

Angelique S.

Salute Bar

1000 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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