Shoreline Explore Beach Nature

Shoreline Explore Beach Nature

The first time we stopped at this park was on the way heading back north and the sign said beach park. We pulled in and since we always wear the beach shoes on vacation here, we were ready to tour. The all-smiles-here-location is so remote, you just do not know what you might see. For sure there are fiddler crabs and plenty of shorebirds. Walk super slow in knee Deep Water and you will spot fish swimming around your ankles. Those super small fish are neat to see with all the colors, like the yellow and black striped fish. Islamorada has a lot of nice stopping spots and this is a good one when the weather is just right. The park is less about good-for-the-mind-relaxing, and more about taking an active break out of the car, since your butt has been in the car seat too long!
Duncan O.

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Very Special Nature Place

Make sure to have your camera out if you stop at this little remote beach. The amount of nature that you can observe is way a higher then say Founders Park or most any of the beaches of the Florida Keys. It is a very special place that is nice to stop for a break if the weather is decent. Make sure you have some cleanup wipes or some way to really get yourself back together, as you can get dirty walking along the Shoreline here. The farther out you go the more mucky it gets. We like this kind of nature, with the birds, and the fiddler crabs. I assume you could bring your fishing poles here and walk out and about three feet of water to cast. Most people stop for photography, topless sunbathing, and a smoke break. This is a dog friendly spot but the dog owner has to clean up after the dog. Dogs are not allowed to open swim, and they will be fined if the patrol person sees the dogs swimming without a leash holding owner.

Hazel G.

Anne Eaton Park

73000 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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