Good Places to Splash

Good Places to Splash

We tend to hit the water parks in the 2pm to 4pm time of day to cool off. Wearing a big shade hat is a wise investment for your Florida Keys Vacations. I wear sun protection on my skin starting first thing in the morning. My kids have those long sleeve Aqua shirts to keep the sun from burning their back when Snorkeling.

It is a lot easier to stop and park at the beach parks with the bicycles. There is a grouping of picnic tables off to the right and they are in the shade. This is one of the Places to See on the Bike Trail.

Yeah is a trip to the clear water where snorkeling is so easy. This is great for the nice Shoreline and water sports. Swimming Locations in the Florida Keys are the best.
Julie H.

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Finding the Picnic Spots

Take bug spray to the parks, just in case. Nature is great but a little buggy! Watch out for the ants, as they are on the March big time. This is the time of year for everyday or every other day spraying the external house. These darn ants are smart and relentless. Lion King Lion King Kitty hates fleas and ants!

Beach umbrellas are sold everywhere, including Target, 5 dollar stores and WalMart. However, some of the best manufacturers sell their products online. When shopping for a beach umbrella, consider portability, uv protection, ease of use and water and fade resistance.

Wilbur F.

Martello Beach Park

1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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