Atlantis Dive Center

Our trips to the Upper Keys are perfect and are easy to get to from South Florida. They have got the best of diving here and every day is different. See everything from extensive coral reef systems, shipwrecks, tall ledges, and super marine and fish life. Learning to scuba dive is so interesting and great fitness too.
Lindsey P.

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Garden Cove Scuba Dive Boat

You see it all here Underwater. I like Key Largo Florida Dive, easy to do and less driving. You see lots of soft corals and tangs, sponges, damsel fish, wrasse, and more.

Celina J.

Atlantis Dive Center

There is an excellent bar right next to the Dive Shop. Called Shipwrecks, you do want to hit Happy beer.

Prince P.

Garden Cove Dive Shop

There is a very nice kayak launching location off of Garden Cove Drive. I sure hope the city makes this more of an official boat ramp for kayaks. Parking for about six cars off the street.

Ashley B.

Trips to the Reefs

Right when you pull into the city of Key Largo, they have a big dive center to go out on the boat. The Dive Shop was right next to our hotel and we went Snorkeling from there. It is called Captain Slate's Dive Shop. We had a super time out on the reefs. I really love Key Largo, it has grown on me over the years. It just makes it quicker and down right easier to come down from South Florida.

Sherry L.

Capt Slate's Dive Center

51 Garden Cove
Key Largo FL 33037

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