Sombrero Beach Park

Sombrero Beach Park

Spend some time on the beautiful Sombrero Beach at mile marker 50 with a playground, kayak made easy, great views, and a picnic area. There is so much close by here. We also explored the nature trails by the beach at Curry Hammock State Park, mile marker 56. This place is just more fun and scenic.

The crazy times on our Marathon Florida Vacation luckily put us here at the cool Sombrero Beach Community Playground. We timed it right to see the Dragon Boat Festival. This place is just the best. Yeah for the Fun Stuff in Marathon.

Very nice beach zone, way better than any others in the Florida Keys. Certainly a top rated Beach Park. Free beach parking. Count it as one of the Top Rated Florida Keys Beach Zones.
Brent P.

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Beach Park

Pick a day with low winds out of the north and the water will be flat, really flat for Shoreline Snorkeling. Around the rocks is good, very nice for splashable frolicking. Splashing and Getting Wet in Marathon is a winner.

That park is fantastic for picnics and barbecue cooking. I am going to make some tuna salad to go with the hot dogs. Since you have hot dogs, I will try to come over earlier, depending on the traffic. Don't forget to get hot dog fixings like baked beans, fries.

Georgia M.

Sombrero Beach

One Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon FL 33050
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