Trolley Stop at Southernmost Point

Trolley Stop at Southernmost Point

You will not be alone when you visit the very popular buoy which marks the southernmost point of the United States territory. This nearly 9 ton buoy was deposited here in 1983, since the thieves were consistently taking all of the other signage but here on display. City officials got together, and now they say try to take that! Take nice photography here of you or your family, it makes a great screen-saver to help you ponder your Florida Keys vacation.
Bernardo K.

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Historic Landmarks of Key West

One of the most important places to visit in the city. It is always a hoot, as people make a really big deal out of seeing the giant buoy landmark.

Ezequiel E.

History of the Southernmost Point

This gigantic buoy was placed here by the City of Key West in 1983, as the numerous signs placed there over the many years before always ended up missing and stolen.

Irvin R.

South Street Buoy Park

It will be our second race in January, and it goes right by the buoy! One thing about the island, it is nice and flat. It goes much quicker because of the sightseeing: duval, White Street Pier, Smathers Beach and all the cool city landmarks.

Aubrey S.

Southernmost Point Buoy

400 South Street
Key West FL 33040
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