Storm ready Boat Storage

Storm ready Boat Storage

Putting your boat properly away means having it ready for a storm. Pull out everything that is not permanent to the boat itself. Take off and store the bimini tops and canvas. Be sure your boat's batteries are fully charged, thereby your bilge float switch can be left on throughout the storm. Certainly remove the rear drain plug for back-up drainage. If not already, tip up the bow of your boat. Reducing the air pressure of the tires makes it harder to be blown around. Use lots of bungee and heavy duty tie downs to secure the boat and trailer together. Find a location to park the boat-trailer where it has a break from the expected wind flow. Ideally, also use heavy duty tie downs to secure the trailer to non-movable objects. Prepare your boat so it is ready for fun times.
Kristy N.

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That is a great photograph you got there of that old boat which sits in front of the Big Pine Key Visitor Center at approximately mile marker 31. This is a good place to stop, if you are looking for some coupons and discounts to some of the local attractions. They are pretty good about telling you positive or negative reviews of the local motels and restaurants. Hey they go out and eat at these restaurants and know which ones have clean bathrooms and all. I'm not sure the story about this boat but obviously somebody must've donated it or it was broke down out in the water somewhere. That's a piece of history that needs some kind of marker in front of it in another reason to have a parade. Come on Chamber of Commerce, we can do better!

Vern O.

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